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N-2004-020: 0654

N-2004-020: 0654

Material Description: graphic

Vital Thomas and Harry Bearlake. Bow and arrows 1970, Rae. Athapaskan style of holding a bow and arrow. The horizontal hold of the bow is characteristic of the Athapaskans since at least the 18th century… the bows are being demonstrated by Harry Bearlake, a Dogrib, and were made by him of willow with twisted caribou babiche bowstrings. The arrows are also of willow, fletched with 3 parallel split duck feathers lashed to the shaft with caribou sinew, which is glued with melted spruce gum. Small-game bow with blunt-headed bird arrow. Additional arrows are grasped along the bow to permit rapid shooting. [Harry Bearlake demonstrates holding a bow and arrow. Several buildings are in the background. Rae.]

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