Accession N-2006-013

Title Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) International
Accession number N-2006-013
Dates of creation 1959-2001
Scope and content This accession consists of 25 cm of textual records, 10 audiocassettes and 7 audio CDs. The textual records include published and unpublished texts on Slavey and Dogrib literacy, linguistic and translation, dating from 1959 to the 1990s. The published material is partially religious, and partially linguistic in nature. A large portion of the unpublished material consists of stories told by both Dogrib and Slavey speakers on traditional knowledge, legends, and personal stories. The sound recordings are in Dogrib. The cassette tapes feature Vital Thomas from 1979 to 1983 providing Dogrib field linguistic data, and the CDs were produced between 1999 and 2001 by the Dogrib Translation Committee and feature Marie Louise Bouvier-White reading passages from the Bible in Dogrib.

SIL linguists whose work is within this accession include: Steve Barber, Betsy Barber, Gillian Story, Victor Monus, Anita Monus, Constance Naish, William Davidson, June Davidson, Jaap Feenstra, Morina Feenstra and Herbert A. Zimmerman. Dene language consultants include: Sarah Sibbeston, Old Loman, Louis Norwegian, Gabe Sanguez, Jim Sanguez, Jimmie Cholo, Sarah Hardisty, H. Kelly, Jim Lamalice, Laura Sibbeston, Modeste Mackay, Johnny Teetso, Ted Trindell, Fred Andrew, Jimmie Bread, Sarah Lamalice, Fred Tambour, Willie Martel, William Bugghins, Johnny Mackay, Chal Yohin[?], Vital Thomas, J. Konisenta and George Matou.
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